Park and Ride Behaviors for Non-Local Private Car Travelers in Big Events


Ping Xiong

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

mode - car, place - asia, policy - parking, ridership - behaviour, ridership - modelling, mode - park and ride


urban traffic, big events, park and ride, disaggregated model, suburban satellite towns


During big events, non-local private car travelers can be divided into two types which were returning in one day and in a few days. Focusing on the travelers returning in a few days, the paper analyzed the traveling attributes and requirements for P & R. A P & R choice behavior disaggregated model was developed and calibrated based on random utility theory. The model concludes three variables, which were in-vehicle time of P & R transit, diversity of parking fee, and comprehensive attractiveness index for suburban satellite towns comparing to inner city. The results revealed that the planning and policy of P & R for travelers returning in a few days should take more consideration on the requirements of the whole trip chain. The key point is increasing the attractiveness of suburban satellite towns. The suggestion of establishing P & R system combining hotels at suburb has been put forward.


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