Public lighting for safe and attractive pedestrian areas

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planning - personal safety/crime, place - australasia, mode - pedestrian


lighting, pedestrians, design specifications, personal security, public spaces


The Australian/New Zealand standard Lighting for roads and public spaces, part 3.1: pedestrian area (category P) lighting - performance and design requirements (AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2005) sets out specifications for pedestrian lighting. The standard defines adequate and acceptable pedestrian lighting practices to make walking safe. This research project complements and extends the standard by investigating pedestrian lighting practices to make walking not only safe, but also more attractive. The project highlights issues and perspectives from which to view the effectiveness of the pedestrian lighting. This research is partly based on the observation that most lighting in the public arena has traditionally been driven by the needs of motorists, but pedestrians' needs are different. It studies those differences and guides on lighting techniques that can appropriately and specifically cater for pedestrians. The findings are based on a review of literature incorporated with information from the lighting industry.


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