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Conference Paper

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mode - rail, place - australasia, planning - personal safety/crime, ridership - perceptions


train, design, railway station, shelter, anti-social behaviour, crime prevention


The Melbourne metropolitan train network has experienced incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime across the network over recent years. Identification of this problem has lead to design research aimed at exploring ways to minimise anti-social behaviour, improve passenger security and the perceptions of Melbourne’s railway system.
A literature review has revealed that good sightlines and visibility, minimised obstructions, sufficient lighting solutions, and controlled access are the principal factors that contribute to a safe and successful station environment. The key findings, used as guidelines, are intended to inform a design process in developing a potential design solution that is novel and adaptable.
This paper examines the design and function of a shelter system design concept emerging from the research, and how it might be implemented into Melbourne’s train network in the near future. It is proposed that the system not only deters anti-social behaviour and crime, but also improves the quality of life of patrons at varying railway stations.