Integrating vehicle positioning data in quality control programs in public transit: a European perspective

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Journal Article

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technology - geographic information systems, planning - integration, technology - automatic vehicle monitoring, place - europe, planning - service improvement


public transit, quality control, vehicle positioning, integration


The purpose of this paper was to show how vehicle positioning data collected through global positioning systems (GPS) or similar applications can be used in quality control programs of public transit operators to better assess the quality and performance of transportation services, and improve them. The paper describes the concept of the integration between quality control programs and vehicle monitoring systems, presents a case study where the concept has been successfully implemented, and discusses the benefits from the adoption of such an approach. The implementation of the concept is characterized by efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and optimization: efficiency in terms of data flow; accuracy and reliability in terms of quality and performance indicator values; and optimization in terms of optimum use of the available information technology infrastructure. The paper places particular emphasis on aspects relating to the interface between urban transportation services, vehicle positioning technology, and policy-making.


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