Explore: An Attraction Search Tool for Transit Trip Planning

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Journal Article

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planning - promotion, planning - signage/information, ridership - drivers, technology - passenger information


transit traveller information, trip planner, attractions search tool


Publishing information about a transit agency’s stops, routes, schedules, and status in a variety of formats and delivery methods is an essential part of improving the usability of a transit system and the satisfaction of a system’s riders. A key staple of most transit traveler information systems is the trip planner, a tool that serves travelers well if the both origin and destination are known. However, sometimes the availability of transit at a location is more important than the actual destination. Given this premise, we developed an Attractions Search Tool to make use of an underlying trip planner to search online databases of local restaurants, shopping, parks and other amenities based on transit availability from the user’s origin. The ability to perform such a search by attraction type rather than specific destination can be a powerful aid to a traveler with a need or desire to use public transportation.


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