Public Transportation Services in Oman: A Study of Public Perceptions

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - car, ridership - perceptions, mode - bus, mode - taxi, ridership - behaviour, ridership - attitudes


public transportation, Middle East, minimal services, pent up demand


Public transportation services are vital for civic life. Recently, many countries in the Middle East have turned their attention towards developing and improving their public transport systems, as problems such as traffic congestions in cities, low mobility, high individual costs of transport, and a rural-urban divide in services have arisen. This study is a public needs assessment and opinion survey of an area in one such Middle Eastern country, the Al-Batinah region of Oman. The study finds public transport services in Oman are minimal and do not match demand, and there is an excessive reliance on private cars. Marketing of public transport services is constrained by certain environmental issues, particularly the socio-cultural and physical environments. The study is innovative from both an approach and implementation perspective and will help policy makers in Oman think about long-term strategies towards establishing viable public transport solutions.


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