Tools for Supporting Implementation Decisions of Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Journal Article

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operations - traffic, infrastructure - vehicle, land use - planning, technology - intelligent transport systems


Transportation planning, Traffic engineering, RTI, Road transport informatics, Manpower utilization, Knowledge based systems, IVHS, ITS Decision website, ITS (Intelligent transportation systems), Intelligent vehicle highway systems, Intelligent transportation systems, Implementation, Expert systems, Deployment, Decision making, Case based reasoning, ATT, Advanced transport telematics


Planners and engineers may consider both conventional capacity improvements and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to address transportation problems. Examples of ITS include freeway service patrols, advanced vehicle location systems, and certain elements of employee transit pass programs, each with various advantages. Details of a system to help planners and engineers make informed decisions about ITS deployment are provided. The ITS Decision website is designed to provide comprehensive information about state-of-the-art ITS technologies in a relevant form—the user can access desired information without sifting through irrelevant material. In addition, ITS Decision offers innovative tools to help users identify ITS appropriate for particular transportation problems. An expert system queries the user about specific conditions, diagnoses the problem, and suggests ITS remedies. The case-based reasoning tool lets users match historical cases that are most similar and see the effects. Given the still limited penetration of ITS into appropriate settings, the expert system and case-based reasoning tools are meant to stimulate greater deployment of promising technologies in localities that have not adopted such systems.