Sharing the Costs of Human Services Transportation: Volume 1: The Transportation Services Cost Sharing Toolkit

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economics - appraisal/evaluation, economics - capital costs, mode - community transport, ridership - disadvantage


Administration, Cost accounting, Cost allocation, Cost sharing, Data collection, Human service transportation, Mathematical models, Policy, Social service agencies, State of the practice, Strategic planning, Toolkits, Transportation disadvantaged persons


TCRP Report 144 provides a comprehensive analysis of issues and effective solutions for identifying and sharing the cost of providing transportation services for access to community-based human services programs. It examines current practices and offers strategies for collecting necessary data, addressing administrative and policy-related issues, and establishing cost allocation procedures. Building on this inclusive process, the report develops a Cost Sharing Model that facilitates local coordination and service delivery. The report is presented in two volumes and a CD-ROM. This volume, Volume 1, contains a detailed description of the components of the comprehensive Cost Sharing Model. This description leads the user through the process of setting up the necessary cost accounting system, identifying the data requirements and the measurement parameters, and describing procedures for applying the model. Volume 1 concludes with instructions for using the actual Cost Sharing Model. Attached to Volume 1 is a CD-ROM that includes the actual Cost Sharing Model along with instructions for setup and application. This is an Excel-based model that is easily usable by all levels of community transportation providers.


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