On the Asymmetric User Perception of Transit Service Quality

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Journal Article

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place - universities, ridership - perceptions, ridership - young people, operations - performance, operations - reliability, operations - frequency, mode - bus


asymmetry in users' perceptions, mixed logit models, service quality, transit, users' heterogeneity


In this article, heterogeneity of transit users in perceiving service quality is investigated. Users' perceptions of transit services are heterogeneous for many reasons: the qualitative nature of some service aspects, the different users' socioeconomic characteristics, the diversity in tastes and attitudes towards transit. In this research, heterogeneity is treated through a mixed logit model with a non-parametric distribution of the coefficients, allowing the asymmetry in user perception heterogeneity to be considered. Although the results presented apply to the specific population in the sample, represented by university students, the proposed methodology is general and transferable to other case studies.


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