Sketch Transit Modeling Based on 2000 Census Data

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Journal Article

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land use - planning, ridership - demand, mode - mass transit


Washington (District of Columbia), Travel models (Travel demand), Travel demand, Transportation planning, Transit, Trade off analysis, Sketch planning models, Sketch planning, Ridership, Public transit, Patronage (Transit ridership), Mass transit, Local transit, Land use planning, Cost effectiveness, Comparison studies, Alternatives analysis, 2000 Census


Transit planners need cost-effective ways to evaluate a wide range of alternatives relatively quickly to identify potential transit systems that are likely to offer the greatest benefits for a given cost. A sketch transit planning model is described for the Washington, D.C., region that is based on the metropolitan planning organization’s travel demand model structure and model networks but is estimated from more recent 2000 census data, better matches suburban transit ridership, is sensitive to land use effects, and is less costly to use. Similar transit sketch models could be developed and applied in other regions.