Evaluation Method about Bus Scheduling Based on Discrete Hopfield Neural Network

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, operations - scheduling, economics - operating costs, operations - coordination


traffic engineering, evaluation method, DHNN, bus scheduling, Delphi


According to characteristics of the evaluation about optimization of bus scheduling, this paper puts forward an evaluation method based on the Discrete Hopfield Neural Network (DHNN). At the course of constructing DHNN, the authors have selected the effective time-use law, average transfer time, transport capacity match and operating profit as evaluation indicators about the bus scheduling, according to running efficiency, smooth convergence, coordination capacity and company running profit. These indicators are independent of each other and quantifiable. At last we design the DHNN programming with MATLAB, and make this method be able to evaluate the bus scheduling conveniently and reasonably; thus it has a broader applicable scope. Finally, the method is verified by an example, and the calculation has been compared with the Delphi, the traditional evaluation method. Results show that the method is reasonable and effective. Compared with Delphi, this method is simple and easy to promote and has superiority to other methods.


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