Funding for Infrastructure Maintenance: Achieving and Sustaining a State of Good Repair

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mode - bus, mode - rail, place - europe, planning - public consultation


Asset management, Berlin (Germany), Bus transit operations, Community support, Financing, Infrastructure, Karlsruhe (Germany), London (England), Maintenance, Nottingham (England), Oslo (Norway), Rail transit operations, Strasbourg (France), Study tours, Transit operating agencies


This Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) digest summarizes the results of a mission performed from June 11 through 25, 2010, under TCRP Project J-03, International Transit Studies Program. This digest examines how bus and rail agencies and operators in several European cities develop community support for public transportation and how those communities implement sustainable funding strategies for transit assets, operations, and maintenance. The cities visited include London and Nottingham, United Kingdom; Strasbourg, France; Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany; and Oslo, Norway.


Permission to publish the abstract and link to the report has been given by Transportation Research Board.