Willingness to pay for improving service quality in a multimodal area

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Journal Article

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economics - willingness to pay, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, mode - bus, mode - rail, place - europe, technology - passenger information, planning - service quality


Willingness to pay, Stated Preferences survey, Multimodal areas, User information, Service quality


Travellers use the installations at multimodal areas to transfer from one mode of transport to another. In many cases these installations are called interchanges. This article characterises the users of transport interchanges to determine the fundamental attributes which they most value when they pass through the area. A Stated Choice survey is designed and administered and Mixed Logit models are estimated to calculate willingness to pay levels for three main attributes: transfer time, the quality of the available information and the services provided in the area. Travellers place most value on the quality of the information they receive and the available services rather than on transfer time, which contradicts the widely held opinion of experts in the field. This opens up new possibilities in the design of modern interchanges which should concentrate more on being welcoming areas with many information points rather than being based around minimising transfer times.


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