Florida Bus Maintenance staffing practices

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infrastructure - maintainance, mode - bus, organisation - structures, organisation - workforce planning, place - north america


public transportation, bus maintenance, staffing practices


This research report focuses on the staffing practices of the bus maintenance departments of Florida transit agencies. The availability of an adequate transit bus fleet is a key element for a transit agency's ability to provide high quality, reliable, and safe bus transit service. Critical resources needed to keep a transit bus fleet available for revenue service include a functional maintenance department structure, proper staffing plans, and an adequate level of maintenance staff. The objective of this project was to help Florida's transit agencies identify the optimal organizational structures and staffing plans and adequate staffing levels for their bus fleet maintenance programs and to identify associated critical factors. Florida transit agency bus maintenance unit's organizational structures and staffing practices are detailed.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by the Florida Department of Transportation, copyright remains with them.