Strollers, Carts, and Other Large Items on Buses and Trains

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mode - bike, mode - bus, mode - rail, operations - capacity, operations - crowding, place - north america, policy - disability


Baggage, Bicycles, Bus transit, Case studies, Interviewing, Large carry on items, Literature reviews, Passenger trains, Policy, State of the practice, Strollers, Surveys, Transit buses, Transit operating agencies, Vehicle design


The purpose of this synthesis was to document the state of the practice of transit agencies managing capacity on vehicles carrying customers with large items. The synthesis also includes a discussion of vehicle designs to accommodate these various large items. It was accomplished through a literature review, a transit agency survey, and through interviews with survey respondents who had a particular success, innovation, or experience that highlighted issues with large items. Forty-two completed surveys were received from 42 transit agencies, a response ratio of 100%. As evidenced by report results, with the exception of wheelchairs and many types of mobility devices, policies regarding bicycles, strollers, carts, and other large items appear to be developed in response to particular circumstances experienced by the transit agencies. Six transit agencies' particular experiences offer more detail about these items, as well as policy considerations.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.