Modeling transit vehicle repair duration and active service time

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - maintainance, infrastructure - rolling stock, mode - bus, place - europe


rolling stock; transit vehicles; duration modeling; maintenance; Athens


The need for dependable and flexible models of transit vehicle maintenance has been well established in the literature as a means for improving daily operations, capital planning and service quality. Stemming from the practical need to predict the duration of maintenance activities and active service time for buses, this paper uses the principles of duration modeling to address two important questions: what is the duration of vehicle maintenance activities and, given that a bus is in active service, how long will it take? We extend previous work by including exogenous factors directly affecting maintenance duration and active service time in fully parametric duration models and examine such activities for the transit system in Athens (Greece). Results indicate that vehicle age, kilometers travelled and repair type are amongst the most important determinants of maintenance duration.


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