Using AVL Data to Improve Transit On-Time Performance

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Journal Article

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operations - performance, mode - bus, place - north america, operations - scheduling, operations - reliability


on-time performance, schedule adherence, timetables


This paper describes an approach for improving on-time performance at transit agencies. It takes advantage of the schedule adherence information from an AVL system. A methodology that can be used to update the bus timetables by using AVL schedule adherence data is described. Using statistical analysis, the main goal is to maximize the density area of the on-time performance range. From this distribution, the optimal value is obtained and used to update the times in the timetables. Then, a comparison process is used to assess the on-time performance improvements. In addition, a simulation process is presented to provide a different perspective than the statistical methodology. This approach also presents possibilities for further ontime performance improvements. To demonstrate the applicability of this research, a case study using data from Miami-Dade Transit is included. The on-time performance calculations for Routes 99 and 57 also are presented.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Journal of Public Transportation NCTR