Scheduling of Feeder Vehicles for Intermodal Services for Special Events

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - asia, operations - scheduling, operations - performance, mode - mass transit


special events, feeder vehicles, scheduling


During special events, shuttle services provided by a feeder bus system can be very useful for providing passengers access to the mass rapid transit system, especially passengers in suburban areas where regular transit service is not usually available. During Expo 2010 Shanghai in China, such shuttle services connected the major terminals and the expected locations of passenger generation. Because of constrained vehicle resources and the staggered characteristics of peak hours, the free time spans of regular vehicles were used to complete the fixed feeder timetables. An integer-linear programming model was developed to obtain the optimal schedules of the feeder vehicles, and an associated coordination mechanism was proposed to adjust the model-developed schedules to obtain feasible solutions. This model was applied to the feeder system in Jiading district during Expo 2010 Shanghai. The results showed that the temporary feeder system could serve Expo passengers with a relatively high level of service without causing evident degradation in the regular bus service.


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