Reviewing the last decade of public transport infrastructure projects in Australasia

Scott Martin


The decade from 2000-2009 spawned a variety of public transport infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand. An extensive survey from a variety of sources developed a list of 33 public transport infrastructure projects that were completed between 2000 and 2009. The projects collectively cost approximately A$10.9 Billion (2010 dollars). All public transport modes (heavy rail, light rail and buses) were represented and included the construction of major new lines and corridors, line extensions, track amplification, rail electrification, airport rail connections and refurbishments of existing infrastructure. The data collected in the survey has been scaled up to constant 2010 dollars and further analysed to develop indicative construction cost profiles for certain kinds of projects (such as underground railways, busways and light rail extensions) along with an analysis of some of the political and economic circumstances surrounding the inception and delivery of these projects. This is the only known survey of its kind undertaken in Australian and New Zealand of public transport infrastructure projects and represents an important piece of research into the costs of public transport infrastructure provision in Australia and New Zealand.w