The Use of Microsimulation Traffic Models for 0n-road Public Transport

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mode - bus, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - busway, infrastructure - bus/tram lane


on-road public transport (ORPT), no priority (NP), bus lane (FBL), set back bus lane 9sbbL) queue jump bus lane (QJBL)


This study looked into four on-road public transport (ORPT) priority treatments including: full bus lane (FBL), set back bus lane (SBBL), queue jump bus lane (QJBL) and no priority (NP). Microsimulation traffic modelling (MSTM) is a useful tool for controlled comparative studies for ORPT priority treatments. The purpose of this study is to enable a more consistent approach to the application of MSTM to ORPT priority analysis and improve network planning for ORPT. It was also the purpose of this study to better understand ORPT priority schemes by controlled comparative studies using MSTM.


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