Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation—Ways to Improve It

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place - north america, planning - surveys


Data collection, Financing, Microsoft Excel (Software), Public transit, Recommendations, State aid, State departments of transportation, Surveys


The "Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation" report offers a unique source of information on state-level public transportation funding, the source of funds, the potential use of funds and method of funds distribution for each transit program. There is no other existing resource available that provides the level of detail contained in this report. The preparation of this report is based on data provided by representatives within each state Department of Transportation (DOT) and the approach to data collection and report preparation has remained unchanged for a number of years. This research project seeks to evaluate the current report and make recommendations for improvements. While the report contains a number of recommendations for changes, the research team is recommending a continuation of the general approach to data collection and report preparation. Although available technology would enable a transition to a web-based data collection approach, given the limited reporting burden under the current approach, the research team recommends a continuation of the Excel-based approach to data collection. The research team also recommends the continued preparation of both hard copy and PDF formats to maximize accessibility to prepared information.


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