Research on the Health and Wellness of Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers. Summary of an international conference

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In November 2010 some 200 attendees gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, for a conference focused on commercial truck and bus driver health and wellness issues. The conference brought together individuals from public-sector agencies (federal and state), the private sector (industry and labor unions), academia, and research institutions, both domestic and international, from transportation and health arenas. The conference goals were to (a) review research that identifies health and wellness issues for commercial drivers; (b) examine the magnitude of these issues; (c) identify countermeasures and current practices addressing these issues; (d) explore and, to the degree possible, document the effectiveness of such countermeasures and current practices; and (e) identify research gaps in this field. To plan this event, TRB assembled a committee appointed by the National Research Council to develop and organize the conference program. The planning committee was chaired by Eric Wood, University of Utah. The committee members are listed on p. ii of this report. Their expertise and efforts on behalf of this conference are acknowledged with thanks. The program included keynote speakers to introduce the conference and topic. Each of the concurrent sessions on the diverse technical topics began with a lead speaker or expert, who introduced and provided an overview of the specific topic. Some sessions featured peer-reviewed papers. Another type of session highlighted current industry practices. A third type of session was composed of panels of practitioners and experts delving into a particular health and wellness issue and treatments or countermeasures. These proceedings contain abstracts of the papers presented as well as a summary of the various topics presented and discussed. The proceedings were prepared by the conference rapporteur as a factual summary of what occurred at the conference. The expert assistance of Gerald P. Krueger, Krueger Ergonomics Consultants, consultant to TRB and conference rapporteur, throughout the conference process is gratefully acknowledged. The responsibility for the published conference summary rests with the rapporteur and the institution. The planning committee’s role was limited to planning and convening the conference. The views contained in these proceedings are those of individual conference participants and do not necessarily represent the views of all conference participants, the planning committee, or the Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council. The proceedings were reviewed in draft form by individuals chosen for their diverse perspectives and technical expertise in accordance with procedures approved by the Report Review Committee of the National Research Council. The purposes of this independent review are to provide candid and critical comments that will assist the institution in making the published report as sound as possible and to ensure that the report meets institutional standards for objectivity, evidence, and responsiveness to the project charge. The review comments and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the process.


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