TransMilenio BRT system in Bogota, high performance and positive impact – Main results of an ex-post evaluation

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Journal Article

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economics - appraisal/evaluation, mode - bus rapid transit, place - south america


Public transport Bus rapid transit (BRT), Economic evaluation, TransMilenio, Bogota, Colombia


The paper presents the main characteristics, costs and impacts of TransMilenio, the bus based mass transit system of Bogotá, using BRT corridors and feeder services. An ex-post cost-benefit analysis is done, including monetary valuation of direct impacts on travel time and travel cost and externalities, such as improved road safety and air quality. Impacts on crime, land values, employment and tax revenue are also presented. The results are positive and robust; nevertheless, it is important to recognize that user perception has declined and there is urgent need to introduce service improvements. The paper also includes an ex-ante evaluation of the projected expansion using current costs, which indicates the need to limit construction capital costs. The results are an indication of the potential of BRT, and the evaluation methodology is applicable to other transit projects.


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