Bus Rapid Transit implementation in Beijing: An evaluation of performance and impacts

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Journal Article

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mode - bus rapid transit, place - asia, technology - intelligent transport systems


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Evaluation, Performance, Impacts


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems are undergoing rapid development in many countries due to the unique characteristics of this form of mass transit. In China, BRT schemes are being adopted as a key strategy for relieving traffic problems. As a case-study, this paper examines the performance and impacts of BRT in Beijing, the first full-featured BRT system in China. It considers in turn the role of ITS technology in influencing the operational efficiency, technical performance and cost issues associated with BRT. Particular attention is given to the consequent impacts of BRT on travel behaviour change, traffic environment and property development. While some challenges remain, the early performance of BRT suggests that it is one of the key measures for promoting sustainable mobility.


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