New Technologies for Sustainable Urban Transportation in Europe


Michel Parent

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, policy - sustainable, place - europe, place - urban, mode - bus, mode - car


Urban transit, Technological innovations, Sustainable transportation, Station cars (Car sharing), PRT, Personal rapid transit, ISA, Intelligent speed adaptation, Intelligent cruise control, Guided buses, European Commission, Europe, Cybercars, Car sharing, Autonomous intelligent cruise control, AICC, Advanced technology, Adaptive cruise control


In the past few years, the European Commission has financed several projects to examine how new technologies could improve the sustainability of European cities. These technologies concern new public transportation modes such as guided buses to form high-capacity networks similar to light rail but at a lower cost and with better flexibility, personal rapid transit, and cybercars (small urban vehicles with fully automatic driving capabilities to be used in carsharing mode, mostly as a complement to mass transport). They also concern private vehicles with technologies that could improve the efficiency of the vehicles as well as their safety (Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Adaptive Cruise.Control, Stop&Go, Lane Keeping) and how these new vehicles can complement mass transport in the form of carsharing services.