Optimized Utilization of Arrival and Departure Tracks in Dedicated Passenger Lines

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, infrastructure - track, mode - rail, place - asia


dedicated passenger line, utilization of arrival and departure track, station operation, genetic algorithm (GA), induce variation


The topological structure determines the functions of the station arrival and departure tracks. According to the requirement of receiving and departure operation at station, track-use classification can effectively reduce the interference and improve the efficiency of the station. Considering the station topology and its operation programming, the paper formulates the optimization model for of arrival and departure track utilization. The three targets of the model are: meeting the arrival-departure service rules, enhancing the convenience of passenger's riding, and ensuring the balanced utilization of technical equipments. The model is solved by the genetic algorithm (GA). The concept of induce variation is proposed for avoiding illness individual and ensuring the health of whole populations in the algorithm. Finally, the reasonableness of the proposed model and algorithm are proved by a case study. The result shows that the model and the algorithms have good efficiency, could work out more optimum solution, and meet the operation requirements of dedicated passenger station.


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