Evaluating and Enhancing the Operational Performance of Public Bus Systems Using GIS-based Data Envelopment Analysis

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Journal Article

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economics - operating costs, mode - bus, operations - performance, place - asia, technology - geographic information systems


performance, operating costs, route characteristics


In this paper, the baseline performance level of Al Ain Public Bus Service is evaluated using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) based on some selected input (travel time per round trip, total number of stops, total number of operators, total number of buses) and output (daily ridership and vehicle-kilometer) variables. Two types of scenarios were developed and tested. The first set of scenarios aimed at investigating the possibility of reducing the operating cost while maintaining the same performance levels (efficiency and effectiveness) for the routes. The second set of scenarios was used to demonstrate how the baseline performance levels can be improved by slightly altering the route alignment (and subsequently input and output variables). Sensitivity analysis was then conducted to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of each route. Conclusions on how the transit authority can reduce daily operating hours while maintaining the existing performance level are made. Also, suggestions are presented on how to improve the overall performance level of the bus service by changing some route characteristics.


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