National mapping of integrated transport and land use

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place - australasia, land use - impacts, land use - planning, land use - urban design, technology - geographic information systems


land transport planning, lowest transport costs, hot spots, land use planning


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is charged with taking an integrated approach to land transport planning. Our Integrated Planning Strategy sets out how we can invest in land transport activities that support appropriate land-use patterns and connect major cities and ports. We aim to achieve the lowest possible long-term transport costs for firms and households through effective planning and design. This research collated geospatial information to enable the NZTA to gain a better understanding of how transport networks, land-use information, demographic and key environmental constraints interact. The collated data was loaded into the Spatial Viewer system and will now be analysed and checked for ‘hot spots’ that require prioritisation of effort. These hot spots may be areas where there are significant change pressures such as population growth. In particular this work will help ensure that when undertaking long-term integrated planning work (ie feasibility work), land-use planning, transport planning and investment decisions are addressed together and not separately.


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