A Toolkit for Reporting Rural and Specialized Transit Data—Making Transit Count

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Automatic data collection systems, Case studies, Data management, Data reporting, Public transit, Questionnaires, Rural transit, Specialized transit, State departments of transportation, Toolkits


This digest presents the results of National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 20-65, Task 28, "An Analysis of Automated Transit Data Collection and Analysis Processes in State DOT Transit Units and a Toolkit for Next Generation Transit Data Analysis." The objective of this research was to identify the data reporting requirements of state departments of transportation (DOTs) to meet the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA's) requirements, and develop a set of tools to assist state DOTs and individual rural and specialized transit providers in data collection, analysis, management, and reporting. The objective was also to conduct an analysis of automated transit data collection and reporting processes in state DOT transit units. Tasks included a review of FTA's requirements for rural and specialized transit data reporting; issuance of a questionnaire to DOTs to learn about data reporting collection processes and needs; and the preparation of mini-case studies to highlight DOT automated transit data collection and reporting processes.


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