Market Development Potential of Personal Mobility Services

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

technology - intelligent transport systems, place - europe, planning - safety/accidents, ridership - mode choice


Personalised multimodal travel information system, open standard data collection, Location-based info


The EU-funded project i-Tour addresses Safety, Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability in personal mobility by providing intelligent multi-modal mobility services, considering user preferences and real-time information on road, weather, public transport, network condition. Alternative business models, and go-to-market strategies are discussed:

1. To market the complete solutions, or

2. To market server access and interfaces configuration

These two approaches are deployed via two business strategies:

a) A new company or

b) Intermediation of a strong partner.

Financial simulations are applied to reasonable compositions of the above hypotheses, with break- attained when population of reached areas tops 50 million, involving 20 to 30 Urban Zones.


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