Simulation and Analysis of Traffic Flow Model on Multi-Platform Harbor-Style Bus Stop

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - bus/tram lane, infrastructure - stop


urban traffic, mixed traffic flow, cellular automaton, multi-platform harbor-style bus stop, traffic flow statistical characteristics


To simulate the mixed traffic flow, the paper proposes a cellular automaton model with multi-platform harbor-style bus stops and two lanes. In the model, the rules of vehicles' moving, lane-changing and stop time are redefined to accord the reality. It also analyzes the statistical characteristics of traffic flow. The effects of bus parking mode, the length of platform, the platform spacing and the bus proportion on traffic flow are studied, respectively. The results show that the multi-platform harbor-style bus stop has many advantages in bus parking, traffic congestion relieving and traffic flow improving. In summary, the model proposed in this paper is valuable for studying the impacts of public transport on urban traffic flow.


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