Personal Rapid Transit as Feeder-Distributor to Rail

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, mode - rail, place - europe


train, passengers, transfer stations, personal rapid transit (PRT), Sweden


Efficient feeder-distributor systems around train stations are important in attracting train passengers. Such systems would be a suitable application for personal rapid transit (PRT). This paper suggests layouts and operations strategies for transfer stations between PRT and heavy rail. Ticket handling can be avoided by having the train fare include PRT trips. Ridesharing can be encouraged by destination signs. The catchment area that can be efficiently served is related to the interval between trains. The capacity of the station and guideway can be improved by coupling PRT vehicles in the station and decoupling them as necessary en route. Applications in Sweden are illustrated with the PRTsim software. In one case, outgoing PRT vehicles were loaded to 78%.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.