Development of Location Method for Urban Public Transit Networks Based on Hub-and-Spoke Network Structure

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - bus, mode - bus rapid transit, mode - subway/metro, planning - network design, infrastructure - interchange/transfer


bus, bus rapid transit, feeder bus, subway, China, hub-and-spoke network, transfer hubs


A location method is presented for an urban public transit (PT) network based on the hub-and-spoke network structure model. The proposed method integrates the PT lines with transfer hubs. PT lines fall into four major service levels: subway, bus rapid transport, bus, and feeder bus. The transfer hubs fall into three major categories: intermodal terminals, transfer centers, and transfer stations. Every level of PT line is located by connecting the different classes of transfer hubs. The optimization objectives, constraints, and procedures for PT line locations are present, and they vary by level of PT service. The design and implementation of the proposed method are illustrated by a case study for the city of Fuzhou, China. The proposed allocation method offers a new approach for increasing the PT level of service of a high-density city. The procedure for allocating PT lines is practical and maneuverable.


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