A multi-dimensional framework for evaluating the transit service performance

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Journal Article

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operations - performance, mode - bus, place - asia, organisation - performance


Multi criteria, Decision making, Performance evaluation, Public transit


This paper presents a multi-level framework to measure public transit service performance. This framework uses a combination of subjective and objective measures to assess the service quality. It allows for the opinions of the various stakeholders of public transit services (users, operators, and service providers) to be incorporated in a multi-criteria evaluation process. The framework can evaluate the public transit service performance at different levels of details (system level and route level). It can be used to assess the performance at the route level, which can then be used to provide specific recommendations to enhance the operation for specific routes, and also it can be used at a more macroscopic level to identify the operational deficiencies or areas of improvement at the system level. The route analysis level is based on a multi-criteria evaluation procedure that involves weighted scoring techniques. A case study on a transit system of 12 operating routes in Abu Dhabi city is conducted to illustrate the framework.


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