A new street connectivity indicator to predict performance for feeder transit services

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Journal Article

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place - north america, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, operations - performance


Connectivity index, Feeder transit, Livability, Street network


This paper defines a novel street Connectivity Indicator (C.I.) to predict transit performance by identifying the role that street network connectivity plays in influencing the service quality of demand responsive feeder transit services. This new C.I. definition is dependent upon the expected shortest path between any two nodes in the network, includes spatial features and transit demand distribution information and is easy to calculate for any given service area. Simulation analyses over a range of networks have been conducted to validate the new definition. Results show a desirable monotonic relationship between transit performance and the proposed C.I., whose values are directly proportional and therefore good predictors of the transit performance, outperforming other available indicators, typically used by planners.


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