Combining multicriteria analysis and tabu search for dial-a-ride problems

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Journal Article

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mode - demand responsive transit, mode - community transport, place - north america, economics - operating costs, operations - performance


Dial-a-ride problem, Multicriteria analysis, Quality of service, Tabu search, Reference point method


In the Dial-a-Ride Problem (DARP) the aim is to design vehicle routes for a set of users who must be transported between given origin and destination pairs, subject to a variety of side constraints. The standard DARP objective is cost minimization. In addition to cost, the objectives considered in this paper include three terms related to quality of service. This gives rise to a multicriteria problem. The problem is solved by means of a flexible and simple metaheuristic which efficiently integrates the reference point method for multicriteria optimization within a tabu search mechanism. Extensive tests were performed on randomly generated data and on real-life data provided by a major transporter in the Montreal area. Results indicate that the algorithm can yield a rich set of non-dominated solutions. It can also be employed to determine good trade-offs between cost and quality of service.


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