Sustainable Public Transportation: Environmentally Friendly Mobility

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place - asia, mode - bus, mode - bus rapid transit, mode - subway/metro, mode - tram/light rail


Bus rapid transit, Bus transit, Economic factors, Environmental impacts, Light rail transit, Public transit, Rail transit, Social factors, Study tours, Sustainable development


This digest summarizes the results of an International Transit Studies Program (ITSP) mission performed from April 1 through April 16, 2011. The digest includes information on the organizations and facilities visited. The mission explored how public transportation systems in India and China have implemented plans, policies, technologies, and strategies for creating more livable communities through bus, metro, bus rapid transit, rail, and light rail systems. The digest is based on individual reports provided by the mission team members, and it reflects the observations of the team members concerning three critical factors: environmental aspects, economic aspects, and social issues.


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