Integrating Passenger Ferry Service with Mass Transit

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place - north america, mode - ferry, infrastructure - interchange/transfer


Case studies, Coordination, Ferries, Literature reviews, Public transit, State of the practice, Surveys, Transit operating agencies


The purpose of this synthesis was to document the state of the practice and integration between land- and water-based transit systems and to explore successful aspects of seamless integration. The report assembles and presents information in numerous locations around the United States, supplemented with examples from Canada, Australia, and Bermuda. To accomplish this effort a literature review was undertaken that received limited results. However, a selected survey of 46 respondents out of 57 transit and ferry agencies, as well as agencies and companies in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, including Bermuda, received an 80% response rate. The respondents represent a geographically representative sample—varying in size and age of system, degree of coordination between ferry and transit, and type of community served. The synthesis summarizes findings from 60 different ferry-to-land-based transit interfaces. Case examples of key factors of land- and water-based integration are offered for Long Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts, TransLink's SeaBus in Vancouver, British Columbia; New York Waterway's Hoboken Terminal; and Washington State Ferries and Kitsap Transit in Bremerton, Washington.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.