A Transportation Guide for All-Hazards Emergency Evacuation

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Coordination; Emergencies; Emergency communication systems; Emergency management, Evacuation, Handbooks, Strategic planning


This report focuses on the transportation aspects of evacuation, particularly large-scale, multijurisdictional evacuation. It will be useful for transportation managers, planners, and operators in communicating and coordinating with emergency managers in emergency evacuation planning, operations, and reentry; and, complementarily, assist emergency managers in communicating and coordinating with transportation managers, planners, and operators as well as strategic community-based organizations. This Guide follows the basic planning steps of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101. Each chapter parallels one of the six main CPG steps. Each chapter is further subdivided into smaller, discrete tasks, with cross-references to tools, such as templates or checklists, that are shown at the end of each chapter and on the accompanying CD-ROM, CRP-CD-132.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.