Annual Safety Performance Report 2012-2013

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mode - rail, place - europe, planning - safety/accidents


safety, rail, trends, United Kingdom, analysis


The rail industry learns from operational experience by investigating specific events and through the regular monitoring of trends. The RSSB Annual Safety Performance Report (ASPR) contributes to this process by providing decision-makers with analyses of safety performance on the mainline railway. The RSSB Learning from Operational Experience Annual Report (LOEAR) - the ‘sister’ publication to the ASPR - contributes to this process by providing information on learning points that have arisen across those areas.

The Dashboard allows industry users to filter a wide range of ASPR data according to their personal analysis preferences. This provides the opportunity to analyse topics to a level of detail perhaps not covered in the ASPR. To see the Dashboard, please go to , where, after registration, you will be granted access to this useful analysis tool.


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