A Quality-Based Approach to Public Transportation Planning: Theory and a Case Study

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Journal Article

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mode - subway/metro, operations - performance, operations - reliability, place - europe, ridership - growth, planning - service quality


public transport service quality, quality measures, transport planning, travel behavior modeling


Methodologies for defining standard quality indicators are important to assess service quality in public transport. The article proposes a method to integrate EU service quality standards in the transport planning process. It also investigates the effects of a set of large-scale transport policies in Campania region, Italy, in terms of service quality and ridership variations. Results of 10 years-long transport policies (€3,115 million invested) shows an impressive increase in both service quality and ridership. The article also compares perceived and measured service quality indicators for a new high quality metro line. Results point to new perspectives in modelling users’ travel behavior and related quality measures.


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