Use of Market Research Panels in Transit


Kathryn Coffel

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place - north america, planning - marketing/promotion, planning - promotion, planning - surveys


Case studies, Data collection, Literature reviews, Market research, Market surveys, Panel studies, Public transit


his synthesis describes the various types of market research panels, identifies critical issues that researchers might be aware of when engaging in market research and panel surveys, and provides examples of successful market research panel programs. It provides information about common pitfalls to be avoided and successful techniques to apply that maximize research dollars without jeopardizing the quality of the data or the validity of the results. The synthesis was conducted using a literature review of market research and market research panels, an industry survey of transportation agencies on the use of market research and panels, three agency panel survey profiles, and four full case examples. A selected survey of 29 respondents out of 38 transit and transportation agencies known to conduct market research yielded a 76% response rate from transit agencies, one metropolitan planning organization, and one state department of transportation. The four case example agencies are the Regional Transportation District (Denver), Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City, and Washington State Transportation Commission/Washington State Ferries and demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which panels have been implemented in the transportation field.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.