Tracking Costs of Alternatively Fueled Buses in Florida – Phase II

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, mode - paratransit, place - north america, technology - alternative fuels


Alternate fuels, Costs, Data collection, Paratransit vehicles, Public transit, Transit buses


The goal of this project is to continue collecting and reporting the data on the performance and costs of alternatively fueled public transit vehicles in Florida in a consistent manner in order to keep the Bus Fuels Fleet Evaluation Tool (BuFFeT) cost model current. Over the course of this project, repeated data requests were sent to all fixed-route transit agencies in Florida. Despite the challenges in data collection and low response rate, enough data were collected to represent the majority of the Florida fixed-route fleet and perform a valid analysis of costs. Data for both fixed-route and paratransit vehicles were requested. However, due to the low response rate and inconsistency of reporting for the demand response vehicles, the extent and reliability of the analysis of the paratransit fleet is limited and should be interpreted with caution. As more data are collected, the reliability of the analysis will improve.


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