Light Rail in Alicante, Spain. Improving the use of existing railway lines

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Journal Article

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economics - economies of scale, economics - operating costs, mode - rail, mode - tram/light rail, place - europe


tram-train, Spain, operating cost, demand, rail


TRAM Metropolitano de Alicante, a unique, metric (1,000 mm) gage system, was the first Spanish tram-train. Later, it lost its tram-train characteristic (i.e., railway tracks shared with conventional trains) as a result of the evolution of the railway network. Nevertheless, the system still operates in a quasi-tram-train way, because the tram-train vehicle runs partly on railway tracks with a railway signaling system and other railway equipment. This quasi-tram-train operation leads to some specific design issues that are explained in this paper. The paper also presents a thorough description of the Alicante network, its development, its construction and operational costs, its operation, and its demand.


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