Transit Bus Operator Distraction Policies

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mode - bus, place - north america, planning - safety/accidents


Bus drivers, Bus transit operations, Case studies, Distraction, Literature reviews, Personnel management, Policy, Syntheses, Transit operating agencies


The objective of this publication is to provide transit agencies with information about transit bus operator distraction policies and outcomes to aid them in developing their own policies and programs to address and prevent distracted driving incidents. Transit bus operations continue to be an increasingly “distracted” occupation, based on a variety of conditions, and further study is suggested to help address and mitigate conditions. A review of the relevant literature of a variety of state and federal government, academic, and professional publications was conducted for this effort. Thirty-five of 39 transit agencies surveyed responded, a 92% response rate. Case examples further document the efforts of three transit agencies (New York City Transit/NYMTA; Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Atlanta; and Metro Transit, Minneapolis) to identify and catalog their processes and results. These examples highlight more in-depth and additional details on successful practices, challenges, and lessons learned.


Permission to publish the abstract has been given by Transportation Research Board, Washington, copyright remains with them.