Emissions Impacts of the Park-and-Ride Strategy: A Case Study in Shanghai, China

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Journal Article

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mode - park and ride, technology - emissions, mode - rail, place - asia


park-and-ride facility, emissions impact evaluation, sketch planning method, rail transit, quesionnaire survey


With the increasing interest in environment-friendly transportation strategies such as park-and-ride (P+R), evaluating transportation strategies’ emissions impacts is obtaining more attention. This study investigates the emissions impacts of P+R strategy through the case study of Song-Hong Road P+R Lot, the first P+R facility with rail transit connection in mainland China. The emissions impact evaluation approach is formulated using the sketch planning method. Using the data collected from two P+R lot surveys, the emissions impact of Song-Hong Road P+R Lot was estimated. The results showed that Song- Hong Road P+R lot has played an important role in reducing emissions due to high utilization rate, large percent of users who drove alone previously and the usage of the P+R lot by long-distance-trip travelers. The reduced emissions for pollutants CO, NOx and HC are 21.7 ton, 1.2 ton and 1.8 ton respectively for 250 work-days each year. Last, discussions, recommendations and concluding remarks are given.


Procedia – Social and Behavioural Sciences Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18770428


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