Optimization Method for Last Train Coordination Plan of Urban Rail Transit Based on Network Operation

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Journal Article

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operations - service span, mode - rail, place - asia


Network Operation, Coordination Plan, Last Train, Multi-point Transfer


With the generation of urban rail transit network operation mode, the coordination of network operation plan becomes a key factor for improving the overall level of service, in which the last train coordination plan is the most important. There is some research on the coordination program of network operation at home and abroad, but mainly focused on the coordination of a single point (transfer station). In fact, there are usually no less than two transfer stations between one line and other lines. Therefore, the coordination of a single point cannot meet the needs of making the network operation plan. In this paper, a last train coordination model considered multi-point transfer for rail line is established. Because of the model's characteristics of global nonlinear but local linear and monotonous, an algorithm based on section is set up. The result of case calculation shows that the proposed model and algorithm are simple and practical, which can provide an optimal coordination plan of last train for single line.


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