Optimal Design of Feeder-bus Network Related to Urban Rail Line based on Transfer System

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Journal Article

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economics - capital costs, economics - operating costs, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, infrastructure - station, infrastructure - stop, mode - bus, mode - rail, place - asia


urban rail transit, feeder-bus network, transfer network, genetic algorithm


Based on the transfer network composed of urban rail line and bus routes, this paper studies an optimal design problem of feeder-bus network related to urban rail line under M-to-M passenger demand pattern between bus stops and railway stations, to minimize passenger travel cost and transit operating cost. More comprehensively considered passenger travel cost include bus waiting cost and accurate bus riding cost, transfer cost between buses and trains, rail riding cost. We present a new genetic algorithm which determines optimal feeder-bus operating frequency under strictly constraints condition. The numerical examples under passenger demand patterns of M-to-M are provided. It shows that the algorithm can provide reasonable results with satisfactory efficiency and passenger demand distributions have significant influence on feeder bus network construction.


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