Design Scheme of Public Transport Comprehensive Dispatching MIS based on MAS

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Journal Article

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mode - mass transit, mode - car, place - asia, technology - intelligent transport systems


traffic engineering, public transportation, transport comprehensive dispatching, multi-agent


A MAS (Multi-agent system) is made from independent and interactional multi-agents with some attributes: independence, adaptability, consecution, better cognition ability with actively openness, etc. Public Transport Comprehensive Dispatching MIS is an intelligent service platform that manages urban public transport systems. It has some functions, such as collecting and promulgating information about passengers and means of transportation; forecasting and assigning public transportation flow; optimizing and scheduling the bus route network; evaluating traffic infrastructure and service level, etc. This paper utilizes MAS to separate complicated dynamic urban public transport systems, which includes a variety of factors such as man, vehicle, road, environment and so on, into small concerted system that are easy to manage. The Public Transport Comprehensive Dispatching Management Information System design frame was discussed in conformity to China's city character. In this paper, main contents are stated as follows: the function and demand of this platform are analyzed; control model of this platform is designed based on MAS; variety and action of the agents which belong to the service platform system are separately described. This research is beneficial to improve the efficiency of transportation systems and apply MAS to other traffic aspects.


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