The Optimize Management of Passenger Organization in Transfer Station based on Dynamic Passenger Flow Analysis

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Journal Article

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place - asia, infrastructure - interchange/transfer, infrastructure - station


Urban Transit, Transfer Station, Dynamic Passenger Flow Analysis, Passenger Organization Management


How to better organize the passenger operation of transfer stations has become one of the significant challenges in recent years. Based on detailed analysis of historical passenger flow in transfer stations, this paper presents an algorithm for dynamic correction of this data using actual number of people entering and exiting the station and actual passenger volume travelling in the main channel. The main objective is to get refined data like enter and exit quantity of station, number of transfers between lines and number of transfers to each line. Passenger organization of transfer station could then be optimized according to the results obtained from this analysis. At last, Shanghai People Square Station is used as a case study to illustrate the reliability of this algorithm and find out reasonable improvements on passenger organization in this station.


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